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Discover Tai Chi for Fitness video

GET FIT inside and out with Discover Tai Chi for Fitness!!!
Discover Tai Chi for Fitness offers beautiful breath-filled Chi Kung, powerful Yang-style Tai Chi postures, innovative stretching sequences, effective chair exercises, life-enhancing philosophy, and the opportunity for YOU to join thousands of healthy people as part of the Discover Tai Chi family!!!

Designed in 5 sections, Discover Tai Chi for Fitness seamlessly guides you through---
BONUS sections include a thorough POSTURE REVIEW, gorgeous FOUR CORNERS,
and “The Art of Tai Chi.”

Great for all levels of exercisers!!!

Discover Tai Chi
for Fitness





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Yoga Tai Chi video

Feel the Yin/Yang balance of flowing Chi Kung exercises, grounding Tai Chi postures, and prana-filled Yoga poses, along with movement therapy, innovative stretching and seamless transitions.Advanced BONUS sections include: Chiseling Yoga Abs and Core, Yoga Warrior/
Tai Chi Snake Creeps Down Vinyasa, and the Tai Chi Martial Da Lu.

Yoga Tai Chi with Scott Cole is a complete workout experience, concluding with Scott’s famous
White Light Guided Imagery Savasana Meditation.

Yoga Tai Chi is great for all levels of exercisers.

Yoga Tai Chi







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Disco Dojo video

Enter the Disco Dojo, where dance meets martial arts in the ultimate low-impact cardio fat-burning workout!!! Punch, kick, laugh, move, and GROOVE your way into a sleeker slimmer more muscular YOU, while exercising to a funk-inspired retro-groovy soundtrack. Disco Dojo concludes with a "Chi" inspired cool down stretch, and BONUS sections include a 70's After-Party, and the hilariously inspiring positive "AFRO-mations."

Great for all shapes, sizes, and levels of exercisers.

Disco Dojo






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Discover Tai Chi for Balance & Mobility

Discover improved balance, strength, flexibility, and mobility AT ANY AGE
with gentle therapeutic Tai Chi-inspired exercise from America's premier Tai Chi and fitness expert, Scott Cole.

Guiding you through a delectable continuum of breath, movement, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Stretching, and Chair Exercise, Discover Tai Chi for Balance and Mobility delivers easy-to-follow effective exercises to help prevent falling, while improving overall balance, strength, flexibility, and mobility.

Great for beginners, older adults, and physically challenged, this workout is both fun and effective.

Discover Tai Chi
for Balance & Mobility



Combining both Breath and Chi Kung AND Chair Strength and Stretch, this 2-DVD box set is not only a great value but gives you 2 programs designed to restore vital breath and energy PLUS bring physical, mental, and spiritual balance back into your life.

Best of all it is easy to do, and great for beginners and seniors.

NOTE: Breath and Chi Kung and Chair Strength and Stretch are also sold separately (see descriptions below)


Perfect Balance Collection - 2 DVD Box Set

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Chair Strength & Stretch video

Scott Cole's Chair Strength & Stretch tones and sculpts the hips, buns, and thighs, while working the core and back muscles through chair stability training.

Post-toning, Scott leads you through a complete full-body stretch of all major muscle groups, guaranteed to help you improve posture, increase flexibility, and reduce stress.

This program is great for all shapes, sizes, and levels of exercisers, including beginners and mature adults.

Chair Strength & Stretch




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Breath & Chi Kung video

Physical pain, stiffness, and stress can result from blocked breathing and lack of chi (energy) moving through your body. By combining simple breathing techniques with ancient Chinese energy exercises,

Scott Cole's Breath & Chi Kung program brings energy back into your body while improving strength, balance, flexibility, and lung capacity. Best of all, IT'S EASY TO DO!!!

Breath & Chi Kung


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Discover Tai Chi for Back Care video

Discover Tai Chi DVD - for Back Care
Move gently out of your rut with Scott Cole and the graceful healing art of Tai Chi as you breathe new life and Chi (energy) into your back and entire body, while improving overall strength, mobility, and flexibility.

With frequent practice this easy-to-follow program will help relieve back pain, release frozen joints, and restore energy to its natural free-flowing state.

Discover Tai Chi for Back Care



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Discover Tai Chi for Beginners

Snake Creeps Down ... Playing the Pi Pa ... Wave Hands Like Clouds ... explore the mysteries of the ancient martial art of Tai Chi movement. Inspired by the Yang Long Form, this video incorporates select Tai Chi postures, Chi Kung, and Taoist philosophy.

Balance, strength, flexibility, and stress reduction are all part of the Discover Tai Chi Workout Essentials for Beginners experience.

This DVD is great for beginners of all ages including mature adults.

Discover Tai Chi for Beginners



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Discover Tai Chi AM/PM Workouts

Discover Tai Chi - A.M. Workout:
Renowned Tai Chi expert Scott Cole has empowered audiences in over 30 countries
as an author, speaker, and wellness motivator. Now you can join him in graceful Tai
Chi postures like 'Dance of Five Elements' and 'Standing Tree in Breeze'.
This workout is an excellent way to energize and begin your day!

Discover Tai Chi - P.M. Workout:
Join wellness expert Scott Cole, both in his personal Tai Chi studio and on the exotic beaches of Hawaii, on a journey toward complete relaxation with the Discover Tai Chi PM Workout. This 30-minute workout features a medley of Yang style Tai Chi postures and healing Chi Kung exercises to help you completely relax at the end of the day.

Discover Tai Chi
AM/PM Workouts



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Discover Tai Chi for Weight Loss

Discover Tai Chi for Weight Loss will help you create the mind/body connection that provides internal awareness and understanding.

This workout includes strength, flexibility, and fat burning cardio training. Filmed in a studio and on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii, Discover Tai Chi for Weight Loss features both slow and fast Yang style Tai Chi postures and healing Chi Kung exercises.

BONUS: Includes Scott's "Path of Least Resistance" Meal Plan.

Discover Tai Chi
for Weight Loss


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Best ABS on Earth

Join Scott Cole and Tom Seabourne (and their 12 pack) to discover how to turn your
"AB" into ABS!!!

Best Abs on Earth DVD contains a multi-dimensional Full-Body core-conditioning workout featuring fat-burning cardio-interval training, power yoga, martial arts drills, focused abdominal exercises, gymnastic strength work, stretching, and a BONUS Party Pump section.

Bets ABS on Earth



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Tai Chi Training

Tai Chi Training features an inspiring outdoor introduction to Tai Chi, plus 30 minutes of
slow, focused, energy-building, balance-enhancing, stress-reducing Chi Kung movements
and Tai Chi postures, followed by a 20-minute fat-burning "Cardio Chi" section, ending with
a full-body cool down stretch.

Great for all levels of exercisers.

Tai Chi Training



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Millennium Stretch

"A delicious, nutritious meal for the body"
SHAPE Magazine

Join Scott on a multidimensional journey of proven relaxation techniques, now available for the first time on DVD.

Featuring TWO FULL HOURS of qigong, tai chi, yoga, stretching, guided imagery, and partnered training exercises,

Millennium Stretch Classic Gold Edition features the Original Millennium Stretch program PLUS the Partnered Stretch for 2.

This is the ultimate stress-free fusion training DVD for instructors and participants, and includes all-new footage featuring Scott's world-renowned 8 Poses of Empowerment.

Millennium Stretch



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Get Fit America for Kids LIVE! video

Get Fit America for Kids LIVE features active school assemblies with children of all ages (K-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6th-8th) joyfully participating in Scott's proven program of Yoga, Tai Chi, Cardio, Strength, Partnered Trust-Building, and Meditation, along with valuable educational tips and insights for each age group on HOW to motivate, teach, and MOVE children with mind/body exercise.

NOTE: Get Fit America for Kids LIVE DVD is an educational tool for adults, and the NAPPA-AWARD-Winning Get Fit America for Kids Workout DVD is designed for kids to use as a workout. Together, the Get Fit America for Kids Program is a mindful solution to help prevent ADHD, improve focus, restore social skills, and inspire overall health and vitality for children of all ages, while educating adults on HOW TO implement mindful exercise into schools, fitness centers, recreational facilities, and more!!!

"Get Fit America for Kids is designed for ALL children. It is non-competitive, joyful, mindful, and FUN. See for yourself, and let's all work to keep America's children happy, healthy, creative, and conscious."
---Scott Cole

Get Fit America
for Kids Live!


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Get Fit America for Kids!




Get Fit America for Kids challenges young minds and bodies to get fit inside and out by blending the non-violent art of Tai Chi with the balance of Yoga. This multimedia fitness program incorporates nature-related games, partnered trust-building exercises, a kids forum, a parent focus group, and an array of physical activity including cardio, conditioning, and flexibility exercises that are both effective and fun for kids of all shapes and sizes.

Appropriate for Grades K - 6

Featured on ABC's The View with Meredith Vieira

Get Fit America for Kids!

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Attain the essential core strength that will result in rock-hard abs without doing endless crunches! Scott Cole and Tom Seabourne present a full-body core-centered training regimen inspired by martial arts, yoga, and sound fitness principles to achieve optimum health and a super-sculpted midsection.

Athletic Abs